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Complete Your Application

Follow the steps below to complete your application and get started.

1. Fill out your nutrition questionnaire.

Tell us about your current nutrition habits.

2. Scan and upload your blood work.

There is a suggested blood work panel attached that you can request your doctor to order for you.

Most physicians can “code” most of the items as “wellness” for insurance purposes if you aren’t symptomatic for disease. The goal of the panel is to acquire baseline metrics and focus on health, wellness, performance, and prevention, not to diagnose disease once it occurs.

If for some reason your doctor has reservations about ordering your blood work, we use InsideTracker as our platform to order labs as an over-the-counter purchase.

InsideTracker is also used to enter and track blood work over time with the labs ordered by your physician. This is an optional purchase with InsideTracker’s Blood Work Only Upload Only package.

If you want to pursue any InsideTracker options, contact Cheryl to get her discount codes. 

3. Scan and upload your body composition / DXA scan.

A DXA scan is very helpful for establishing a  body composition baseline from which you’ll be able to measure your progress.

What’s a DXA scan?

DXA is short for Dual X-ray Absorptiometry. It’s a painless, quick scan that serves as a valuable tool for measuring body fat composition.

Where do I get it done?

If you’re active duty military, you may already have one in your medical record. If you don’t have a DXA scan, but your body comp has been measured in another way, please scan and upload whatever results you have.

If you’re not active duty military and you want to pay out of pocket to get one, we’ve got you covered. Catalyzt Nutrition has partnered with Virginia High Performance to provide our Members with a DXA scan for only $200. It is a valuable tool that can give you accurate insight for your progress measurement.

4. Sign your liability waiver.

5. Submit your initial payment.

Once you schedule your 1:1 orientation, you will receive an invoice via email.